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What is a 3D Scan?

Our 3D scan provides a property walkthrough experience for the property viewers. It provides a 100% scale representative of the property’s interior.

We scan using infra red technology to create depth map of the space. The scan will create high quality still and 360º images, a walkthrough within the space and a VR ready viewer.

Our camera has 4K resolution which means that all images looks high quality and detailed, they’re good for online and offline publication.

Why is it great for businesses?

Just having an online presence now is not enough, businesses go above and beyond to present their service or space offerings in the best visual quality as possible. This entices their customers to come and visit or purchase their services.

Our 3D scan enables the always online customers to view the space before they visit. This level of details and clarity gives businesses an edge above their direct or indirect competitors to attract the customers.

Our services are not only for businesses who would like their space to be viewed by customers or public audience. Our services would help businesses who would like to use it for internal projects, training and documentation.These are the types of industries & services that we know would benefit from such technology.

These are the types of industries & services that we know would benefit from such technology.

  • Property – Residential & Commercial
  • Hospitality – Hotels & Resorts
  • Recreation – Holiday Parks, Kids Indoors Playgrounds, etc.
  • Educational – Universities & Schools
  • Medical – Hospitals & Clinics
  • Industrial – Factories & Large Commercials
  • Arts – Museums & Galleries
  • Public Spaces – Parks & Indoor Facilities
  • Government Properties


As well as providing 3D scan and drone imagery PROPVIZ can further enhance the end results with the addition of clickable hotspots to provide your users with further enriched information around various points of interest in or around your propertybe a pro the second you start using it.

These hotspots can link to further information such as:

Video files


Additional information

Audio files

Are you interested in getting your property 3D scanned?