PROPVIZ is immersive, functional and innovative virtual tour experience that will WOW your clients and potential buyers.

Presentation is everything when it comes to selling your property. It goes for both physical presentation and also your digital or online presentation. Potential buyers will have more trust towards properties that are well presented and photographed beautifully.

This is where we can help. It’s not just still photography for your property but a virtual tour experience for your audience.

We are visual beings, gravitating towards what is beautiful and inspirational.

Our Core Services

360º Interior and Exterior Visualisation

We are using a well proven 3D visualisation platform Matterport. It scans the room to create a 3D model of the space and gives reliable measurement.

It is 3D Virtual Reality ready and can be viewed on all devices from desktop to mobile.

Aerial Videos

Location, location and location are the buzzword in the property market.

Aerial videos and photos allow us to give a glimpse of the property area, pointing out the different amenities in the area like transport, public schools, shopping precinct and hospitals.

In-depth Property Analytics

There are similar services out there, however there are not many that provides a platform to manage visualisations and give the users a handy analytics.

The manager gives you an overview of click throughs and where the viewers are coming from, very handy to fine tune your advertising spend or lead generation.

Combining the best of immersive photography, videography and innovative technology.

PROPVIZ utilises an advanced depth-sensing 360º camera to scan the interior of your property and create a true to scale interactive floor. You can select hot spots and enjoy the property’s interior and exterior in a 360º panoramic image.

To add into the immersiveness of the experience, viewers can use VR headset to feel as if they’re in the room themselves.

You see examples of our Property Visualisation work here on YouTube

We offer an aerial photography service using the latest drones to give viewers the best visual experience of your property.

Latest Projects

The White Rabbit Gallery

“Hot Blood”


We’re proud to realise the White Rabbit Gallery’s vision to create a private art gallery experience and visualise for a wider audience.

“Hot Blood” exhibition was just amazing. It’s a one of a kind Chinese contemporary art collection and will probably never be seen again in Australia. Experience "Hot Blood" exhibition online while the gallery is preparing for its next show.

Other Projects

Virtual Reality Ready

Make your property and business future proof to be in line with the rise of Virtual Reality applications.

VR will give your potential buyers an immersive visual experience.

This property visualisation gives you more exposure to remote buyers or international buyers. 

Propviz Virtual Reality VR device

Immersive Experience on All Devices

PROPVIZ is available on all your devices from desktop to mobile. It’s a web based service that won’t need your clients to download an app.

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